Baystate Financial

Baystate is a premier, full-service financial firm

  • Founded in 1901 Baystate is one of New England's oldest and largest financial services firms offering comprehensive, individualized financial strategies for clients.
  • Baystate's broad range of services includes financial planning, business and estate planning, and retirement and special needs planning. We also offer a variety of protection and investment products, including life, health, and disability insurance and long-term care, mutual funds, annuities, and IRAs.

Baystate offers comprehensive and coordinated service, not just products

  • Baystate provides a top-line client experience based on service. This qualitative approach enables Baystate representatives to develop comprehensive strategies and solutions and provide some of the best planning advice in the industry.
  • Baystate representatives utilize three important steps; a qualitative factfinding process that includes face-to-face consultations with clients to understand their needs and goals; an analysis of findings to develop a comprehensive and customized financial strategy and recommendations; and implementation with periodic meetings and monitoring to ensure that clients are achieving their financial goals.

Baystate embodies Integrity, Trust, Professionalism and Competency

  • Baystate is built on the principles of integrity, trust, professionalism, and competency—values that make Baystate one of New England's most respected and successful financial services firms.
  • Baystate and our associates, specialists, and advisors are committed to these principles and provide clients with the necessary information and planning to help them achieve financial success and stability.

Baystate is a leader and innovator through our use of specialists

  • Baystate has pioneered a model for financial services firms built on a solid infrastructure of specialists, who share their experience on a wide range of financial issues so that representatives can provide the best solutions to clients.

Baystate has a strong work and corporate philanthropy culture

  • Baystate is a strong corporate and community partner dedicated to the clients and communities we serve throughout New England. Baystate participates in various events activities and drives to help those in need.
  • Baystate Financial Charitable Foundation, through its mission of aiding children and children's charities, is committed to giving back to the community and will continue to grow and expand its philanthropic efforts.


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